Layla Love Pleasure

If you’re someone that loves bringing gifts as a way to show your appreciation and affection, please read on.  Most importantly, if you’re going to bring something like a bottle of wine and/or flowers, please keep such items concealed in a bag so my neighbors don’t see such gifts that could arouse suspicion.  If you’re someone that loves to bring a bottle of wine to share, I unfortunately will not be able to drink much with you, maybe just a few sips.  I tend to eat mostly a Whole 30 diet which is why alcohol doesn’t work well for my system so that includes no sugary treats sadly enough.  Treats I can have and love include berries (especially raspberries!), dark chocolate, Lily’s chocolates or Honey Mama’s cocoa bars.

One physical gift that brings me joy is lottery scratchers, I know silly me.  I’m good and try not to spend money on gambling but I just love the thrill of scratching those things 😉  Lottery tickets work too as I love the idea of retiring.  Don’t worry, if you cause me to be a millionaire by buying me the winning ticket, you’ll become my one and only life long client 😉

But again, don’t feel obligated to bring me any gifts or feel bad if you just don’t have time to swing by and get me something.

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